Discovering my Jones family history  has been the hardest task of my personal history.  My maternal grandfather Edward Jones died in 1944; his  son Edward Joel Jones died in 1941 without issue.  The family left the valley in 1922 heading for Bournemouth and a different future. I know of no Jones family visiting from Abertillery whilst many of Chivers family from my maternal grandmother's side came regularly and a number followed their example and moved to the south of England.

It is easy to see how tricky it has been to break through the wall of Edward Joneses I found when I started to research with so little to go on. However I believe I have now discovered the line back to Priscilla (nee Griffiths) and Edward Jones born in 1850 and 1852 respectively.  I have just ordered their marriage certificate as I am unable to move back with any certainty now as I cannot find much on Priscilla except she seems to have come from Crumlin and their first two  daughters were born in Llanhillith. 

My grandfather and grandmother were living at 32 Victoria Street  Blaenau Gwent at the time of the 1911 census.  There is a photo of my Uncle, known as Eddie as a child and another photo on the Aberystruth site of a 1908 production of Ben Hur in which Ted Jones is a roman soldier!

My family history is totally connected to coal mining which I have researched separately.  Anyone who can link me to more history, oral or otherwise,  would be doing me a very great favour. 

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Susan, Let us know what you learn from the marriage certificate.
will do

Arrived today a copy by email of marriage certificate.

Edward Jones, son of Thomas Jones, coalminer, married Priscilla Griffiths daughter of John Griffiths, sawyer, in the Parish Church Nantyglo.


Elizabeth Bevan and ? Farnam Flower were witnesses. November 13 1870

I think the 1861 census is the first place I'd search next. With their father's names and occupations you should be able to find Edward and Priscilla with their parents and possibly some siblings.

I have some ideas but I cant nail the evidence. Have now spent some considerable time on the earlier censuses. At some stage in the past I  found a William (1797) and Mary with a son Thomas who had an Edward but .... I will try Genes reunited  - as I am pretty sure this is going to be very much based on Monmouthshire  so I will keep plugging away.


I have now come quite a long way with my Jones history.  I received Priscilla´s death certificate date 1885.  She died placenta previa haemorrhage I guess her seventh pregnancy.. Generally I have the Jones family sorted going backwards.  I am trying to find records now of Hilda Jones who was the daughter of my great uncle John Jones who married Elizabeth and were living in 34 Neuadd Street in 1911. My mother remembers someone, maybe Hilda or Gladys,  who was a nursing sister at Bristol Royal  Infirmary - That would be in the 1930s. She seems to have made an impression on my mum so I shall keep digging away.


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