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Searching for Family and Community History in Wales

In preparation for the Welsh Family & Community History course at British Institute next month I have been reading a lot more than usual. I keep finding great sources and worry that there is too much to share during the week long course. This morning I finished reading Searching for Family and Community History in Wales which was edited by Rheinallt Llwyd and D. Huw Owen.

This is one of the top…


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Evans-Jones Welsh Family History blog

THIS NEW BLOG is for the descendants of Abel Evans (1812-1866) and Mary Jones Evans (1827-1895). It's purpose to to explore their ancestors, their siblings, and their cousins. 

Many Evans' and Jones' family members are discovering new sources. The sources often support the assertions on family trees. For this we give thanks to the diligent genealogists who preceded us. But sometimes, often…


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Ordnance Survey Maps

Detailed maps for Wales are now available online. This is one of the best tools for family history research. Grasping the geographical context that our ancestors lived in is critical.

  1. Go to
  2. Use the zoom in option or choose a map series (County Series 6 inch is a favorite of mine)
  3. Click on England and Wales (lower left side of the screen)
  4. Select a county in the…

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Finding my Evans' past

I have done a lot of research on my Evans family but have really run into a snag at William Evans, born 25 September 1796.  He was born in Clyneithrim Llangefelach Glamorgan.  He married Catherine Howell 28 April 1821 at Llangiwg church, also in Glamorgan.  Catherine Howell was born 10 April 1798 in Penlan Cwmllynfell Glamorgan and is the daughter of John Howell.  Has anybody else been looking for either of these ancestors?  I, for the life of me, cannot get any information prior to William…


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Online Parish Maps for Wales - Finally!

I've heard that doing family history without maps is like painting with your eyes shut. If you try without, then find a good map you'll understand. For a few years there has been a great set of online parish maps for England but until this month Wales was not included. The site has not been fully updated and additional functionality should be available soon. The parish maps for Wales are available now and that is the critical data. The rest will be a bonus.


Visit the website…


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New class

I spent the morning at the annual Conference On Family History in Provo Utah yesterday. It has been several years since I taught there. My class on Basics of Welsh Research was very well attended. The presentation slides are available at which has more detail for some topics than the syllabus could include. I hope you find some ideas to help in your research.

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Welsh Parish Registers on Findmypast

Welsh parish registers have been published at

The good news:

  1. We can now search online for our ancestors in Welsh parish registers.
  2. Findmypast has provided "detailed coverage" charts for baptisms, marriages, marriage banns and burials.

The bad news:

  1. Not all parishes are…

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The Welsh in London

Welsh people have been drawn to London for generations.There is a book, The Welsh in London, 1500-2000 which provides the history and many details related to Welsh migration to London. It estimates that today about 70,000 people born in Wales live…


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Glenn Davis Doctor G Everything Davis

Everything Davis by Glenn Davis Doctor G. Anything and everything about Davis.

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The Story of Wales

A six part BBC Wales series on the the history of Wales was televised early in 2012. For those who missed it a DVD is available from the Open University. While visiting Wales in February and March I was able to see two episodes and loved it.

Episode titles are:

  • The Makings of Wales
  • Power Struggles
  • England and Wales
  • Furnace of Change
  • A New Beginning
  • Wales and Britain

For more information and to…


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Welsh American Periodicals

One of my favorite sources for Welsh family history has been Welsh magazines from the 1800s. In January 2012 the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy will have a Welsh Research Course consisting of twenty classes. One of the classes will be presented by Dr Gethin Matthews on the Welsh Periodical Press. He has done extensive research in this rich…


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Historical Context

I am nearly finished reading The Rebecca Riots by David Williams and am thrilled with the insight it is giving me. The background leading up to the report on the riots is important information for family historians. Some of what I have learned is listed below.

  • The Act of 1536 gave one seat in parliament for each of the three counties in West Wales. The right to vote, as in England, was only for freeholders with land valued at forty shillings and above. (p.…

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Nonconformists and Their Records

Occasionally I inform people at work or in my local church congregation that I come from a long line of nonconformists. This is usually a way to justify myself for some stand I take or one of my personal quirks. Most people tracing Welsh ancestry will find that nonconformists (religious groups not tied to the Church of England/Church in Wales) had a great impact on their ancestors, directly or indirectly.


While preparing to teach at the…


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Society Memberships

Family and local history societies provide a variety of useful resources that all researchers should tap into. My quandary has been how to select which ones to send my money to. Most society membership fees are between ten and twenty pounds (20-40 dollars).


I've heard that we should join the family history society near where we live. This might not seem to make great sense but it is helpful to be able to attend meetings where you can learn from other family historians. My…


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Google and the Welsh Periodical Press

Religion played a significant part in the lives of our ancestors. Church records are one of the top three records suggested for tracing family history. That's not surprising since christening, marriage, and death/burial records document important events in an individual's and family's life. Additional records were produced by church and chapel that are often neglected. One of those neglected resources I find fascinating for Welsh family historians is Welsh denominational…


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The Jones Surname

For more than 50 years I have climbed my family tree. Climbing out so many branches, it finally led to Wales. This story is told at,, and I would like to join others who have an interest in Welsh history and Welsh genealogy. For my background please read my blogs. Let's have some fun!

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Finding a Burial Record

Tasks for locating a burial should be prioritized in the following order.

1. Search the National Burial Index 3rd edition. Not all counties are included so check for the coverage.

2. Search any available county burial index (check with the county family…


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As Others See Us

There were the Scots

Who kept the Sabbath

And everything else

they could lay their hands on.

Then there were the Welsh

Who prayed on their knees

and their neighbors.

Thirdly there were the Irish

who never knew what they

wanted but were willing to

fight for it anyway.

Lastly there were the English

Who considered themselves

a self made nation

Thus relieving the Almighty

of a dreadful responsibility.

[Source… Continue

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Pre Plan Your Family History Library Visit

When planning a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City it is important to do some pre-planning. Not all microfilms are stored onsite at the library. If Murphy’s Law is consistent, one or more microfilm you need to examine will be stored in the “Granite Mountain Vault”.…


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9 Must Read Guides for Welsh Family History

There are more blogs, books, magazine & journal articles about genealogy and family history than you can shake a stick at. Detailed sources for a specific record such as the records of the court of Great Sessions are available and well worth reading when it is time to delve into records. The sources listed below will help you build a foundation of knowledge leading to a rewarding journey in Welsh…


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