Searching for Family and Community History in Wales

In preparation for the Welsh Family & Community History course at British Institute next month I have been reading a lot more than usual. I keep finding great sources and worry that there is too much to share during the week long course. This morning I finished reading Searching for Family and Community History in Wales which was edited by Rheinallt Llwyd and D. Huw Owen.

This is one of the top seven books that anyone tracing Welsh family history should read. It is a great companion to Tracing Your Welsh Ancestors: A Guide For Family Historians by Beryl Evans.

The chapters on Criminal Records; Estate Papers; and Maps convinced me to re-examine those records more for my own research. The chapters on Photographs and Postcards; Houses and Landscapes; and Oral Testimony provided new ideas I have not really considered for investigation. I have already ordered two more books referred to by Rheinallt Llwyd in his section on Oral Testimony. The potential to apply so much of what is in this book to my family history research makes it a must have tool for Welsh family and community history. 

Chapters and Authors

  1.  Family and Community History in Wales by D. Huw Owen
  2.  Printed Sources by Rheinallt Llwyd
  3. The National Library of Wales by Beryl Evans
  4.  Welsh Pedigrees and Heraldry by Michael Siddons
  5. The State Church and Nonconformity in Wales by J. Gwynfor Jones
  6. Probate Documents and Local History by Gerald Morgan
  7. Family Knowledge and Records by Evan James
  8. Criminal Records by Glyn Parry
  9. Local Government by Helen Palmer
  10. The Census by Beryl Evans
  11. Estate Papers by David Howell
  12. Maritime Sources by William Troughton
  13. Maps by D. Huw Owen
  14. Pictures by D. Huw Owen
  15. Photographs and Postcards by William Troughton
  16. Houses and Landscapes by Richard Suggett
  17. Identifying Place-names in Historic Records by Richard Morgan
  18. Folk Poetry as a Source for Local Historians Tegwyn Jones
  19. Oral Testimony by Rheinallt Llwyd
  20. Location of and Access to Sources by Rheinallt Llwyd

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